How hard could it be?

It all starts with an article in the EDP Norfolk Magazine bought one snowy Saturday; “The Norfolk Diet”. The article was presumably inspired by The Fife Diet, and I had always thought that if you were going to choose an area to which to restrict your eating, Fife was probably one of the more challenging counties. I’m sure Fife produce is quite splendid, but in comparison Norfolk would be a walk in the park.

Norfolk has the second highest number of breweries in the UK for heaven’s sake. Should all else fail, a hoppy path to liver damage is always a sensible option. Then there’s crabs, samphire, asparagus and an infinite amount of vegetables and meat. Eat Norfolk? I can do that. I could really have a very good time doing that.

So, it’s my party and I can make up the rules. It’s about a celebration, not some miserable detox. In that spirit an early working framework would be:

  • Everything that passes my lips will have a Norfolk connection – except
  • I can also have a declared list of things that I feel are indispensible to human happiness but just aren’t Norfolk products, salt and pepper for example.
  • Some items will be more about intervention than production, tea for example. Tea isn’t picked on the misty uphills of Norfolk, but it is blended in the county.

To put a bit of shape to the exercise, I’ll spend February eating Norfolk, but I’ll work up to it for the rest of January. At the end of February I’ll take stock and decide where to go from there.

And feel very free to join in whenever you’re ready. A little or a lot. Make your own rules up.

Spiced Plum